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Apochromatický refraktor. Apertura: 85 mm. Ohnisková vzdálenost: 560 mm

Barva Base color
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Portable sky cruiser: The brilliant 85mm apo with deluxe optics
Finally brilliant and sharp astrophotos: every astrophotographer’s dream comes true with this apochromat. The triplet air-gap objective lens with Japanese Ohara glass offers a clear image with sharp stars right up to the edge. You will enjoy ultra-sharp contrast even at high levels of magnification. With this master photographer in your toolkit, it'll be ready for action for every astrophotography assignment.

The highlights at a glance:

  • FPL-53 triplet lens: better contrast brings more sharpness and brilliance to your observation
  • You can look forward to images that are true to colour with outstanding contrast
  • 2” hybrid Crayford focuser with diagonal rack and pinion and 1:10 microfocus
  • 2"/1.25” reducer with filter thread
  • Aluminium carrying case

The lens: producing highest quality images
When you observe planets with this apochromat, it offers you nothing less than an absolutely awe-inspiring experience. Compared to most mirror systems you will discover more details with better contrast - planets will simply appear sharper. Of course that which applies to planets, applies also to star clusters or other deep sky objects.
The reason for this is one of the best optical systems that we are aware of, with which this refractor creates captivatingly beautiful and exclusive astrophotos.
The apo’s image definition is significantly better than that of reflectors because it lacks the central obstruction with its associated deterioration in the intensity distribution of the Airy disk.
The refractor is an unbeatable instrument, especially in low contrast conditions.

2” hybrid Crayford focuser with 1:10 microfocus
The 2” focuser is the right connection for your camera. The design is ingenious: a hybrid of a Crayford and a diagonal rack and pinion. This means: an entire 6kg load-bearing capacity but nonetheless smooth focusing, thanks to roller bearings it is simple to rotate to find the perfect point of focus. The focuser has a back focus of 175 mm and an adjustment range of 95 mm.

Dual speed 1:10 microfocus
Focusing on an object happens in two different ways: with the coarse adjustment knob and the 1:10 microfocus. With this fine adjustment knob the object can be brought considerably more accurately into focus. Every astrophotographer will recognise the problem: just as you think you’ve got the focus right you overshoot the target.
The microfocus is mechanically so precisely manufactured that it reacts to the slightest adjustment, enabling you to focus easily.

2” and 1.25” connection
The focuser has the usual 2” connection with a 1.25” reducer. With this you can connect any accessory from our range, such as eyepieces and adapters.

CNC tube for one of the best lenses
The tube of the Omega apo consists of a CNC-manufactured metal construction with a sophisticated anti-reflective system. The entire tube is lined with a black velvet-like fabric.

Travel telescope for astronomy trips
A journey to Namibia or an astro field trip in the mountains: observers love to go to unique and dark locations. This compact apo is the perfect piece of travel equipment for astrophotographers who expect the best from their optics.
At just 44cm long, the apochromat can accompany you to all dark places.

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